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Bitcoin Code – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The main person responsible for the looping coin development is Daniel Wang. He previously worked at Google and is co-founder of Yunrang Technology, Coinport Exchange and Hygiene Online. He is also head of department at Zhongan Technology, which deals with block chains. Jay Zhou is the marketing director, founder of SJ Consulting and previously worked at PayPay Risk Operations.

Johnston Chen is an expert in the financial industry and previously worked as an information manager at 3NOD. The experienced programmer Freeman Zhong previously worked at the National Bank of China. Since Hongfei is a consultant at Loop ring, he is the founder of NEO. Another consultant is Xuenfeng Li, a business angel, and Hitters Xu, the founder of Bitcoin Startup Camp and the Nebula Blockchain. Xu is also the Blockchain Director at Ant Financial.

Bitcoin Code advantages and disadvantages

The loopring crypto currency will have to prevail against some competitors. Not necessarily from other crypto exchanges. Basically Loop/ring does not try to destroy other file-sharing exchanges and to determine the market as the sole trading place for crypto currencies. Rather, the crypto currency should provide more liquidity on the market. Competition threatens in the form of other crypto exchanges. Read the Bitcoin Code review on the website binarycheck for example, provides decentralized nodes that function as their own file-sharing services.

Bancor, Blocknet and Kyber Network also offer a type of order placement that automatically determines the best exchange pairs. They also want to ensure liquidity between ERC20 tokens. Usually only one prevails in such decentralized marketplaces. Whether it will be the loopring coin remains to be seen.

 Bitcoin Code 3235

Finally, development is not yet complete. However, the Blockchain is fortunate that an experienced team of programmers and consultants is working on the development. Also the connections to already existing file-sharing services certainly help the crypto currency to a small advantage.

Buying Loopring Coin is still very cheap. The crypto currency is still young and heavily undervalued. An early investment could be worthwhile in the long term.

Bitcoin Code Forecast

Buying Loopring Coin was first possible at the end of October 2017, when the coin was launched on the market with a value of 13 to 14 cents. The LRC Coin price remained in this range until the middle of November. From then on, the price steadily gained in value and moved steadily towards 20 cents per coin. The Bitcoin Code automated trading robot and the price reached these values in the first half of December, where it also fell below 20 cents for a short time or even reached 25 cents. In the second half, the price ranged between 25 and 30 cents per coin and on some days also exceeded 30 cents.

A real rally to the crypto currency took place in January 2018. In the first days the value of the crypto currency increases to 50, then 90 cents, finally to over 1 euro per coin. Then there was another jump to the 2 Euro. After that the coin lost value again and dropped to below 1 Euro. In February the coin seems to hold at around 50 cents.

What does that tell us about a looping coin prognosis? It’s probably too soon for that. Many other crypto currencies also experienced a price increase similar to that in January 2018. The LRC Coin will probably follow the general market developments for a while. This means that the coin could gain or lose value again in the near future. It will probably be quoted better in 2018 than the year before in terms of the average Loopring Coin price. Ultimately, one has to wait and see what the further development will bring and whether it will be able to assert this crypto currency against the competition.

Create Loopring Wallet
There is no official wallet yet. Since it is an ERC20 token, all wallets can be used that can hold Ethereum-based coins. MyEtherWallet, for example, is the ideal solution. You can get them on the official website of the MyEtherWallet. Just go to “Create New Wallet” and download the keystore file. With this you get the private key and finally the private address of the wallet.

Where can I buy the Loopring Coin?
Loopring Coin can be bought on, Coin Exchange, Binance, Yobit and HitBTC. Mostly you have to exchange them for Bitcoins or Ether, the purchase with US-Dollar is possible on and Yobit.

Conclusion Loopring Coin
There is a lot of potential in the token exchange of Loop ring. A decentralized platform that enables the convenient exchange of all types of ERC20 tokens. But you have to see if Loopring can stand up to the competition.

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Bitcoin Code – All important details at a glance

The coin blockchain functions as an independent exchange service and wants to make trading with crypto currencies easier and more decentralized. Liquidity and transparency of the block chain could speak for an excellent forecast.

Bitcoin Code – What is this crypto currency?

The Loopring Crypto currency is a fee charged for trading in crypto currencies on the blockchain. The LRC Coin and its blockchain are based on the Ethereum blockchain and make active use of its Smart Contracts. Read this Bitcoin Code system feedback and this makes it possible to use the Loopring block chain as a trading centre. Crypto currencies can be secured in the wallet to trade them directly from there, unlike the file-sharing services or other blockchains with a similar approach, where you usually have to upload the coins to the platform. The aim of the development is to create a platform on which trading with ERC20 tokens is possible, i.e. crypto currencies based on Ethereum. The crypto currency is blockchain “agnostic”, so it is theoretically compatible with all crypto currencies.

Trading on the platform is very sophisticated: If you want to exchange a crypto currency, you place an order via the Loopring Wallet. This order is sent to the Smart Contracts and several transfer nodes. With the match ring, the Smart Contracts automatically ensure that the coins are exchanged at the conditions specified in the order. The Ring Miners also contribute to this. They establish the connection between the client and the crypto exchanges and receive a reward in the form of fees from LRC Coins.

Loopring Wallet for Bitcoin Code

There is also the possibility that he will receive a portion of the profit margin should he find a better offer. However, the exchange is still produced by the Smart Contracts, the Ring Miners only provide the infrastructure. This ensures that Ring Miners cannot manipulate the trade, because the Smart Contracts are impartial. The Smat Contracts and the Match-Rings ensure that the conditions for the exchange are right on both sides.

If this is not the case, the match rings circulate until the desired trading pair is found. The match ring should also adapt automatically if something changes in the conditions. The advantage of this system is that all crypto currencies are on the wallet at all times. Central file sharing networks have already fallen victim to attacks, but the coins are safer on the wallet.

Instructions: Buy and sell 0x (ZRX)

First visit the website* and click on the menu item “Register” (Figure 1). On the following page you must first enter your e-mail address and a secure password for logging in. You will then receive an email verification link to confirm your account.

Figure 1
After successful registration you have to login to Binance. After you have clicked on the menu item “Login”, a kind of puzzle appears, where you have to insert the missing piece of the puzzle with the help of the slider (Figure 2 – Spam protection). After we have inserted the missing piece of the puzzle, we get to the start screen.

Figure 2

Verify with Binance (not)

Binance* is one of the few exchanges that does not require complete verification. However, you cannot deposit Fiat currencies such as Euro, CHF or Dollar. You can only deposit crypto currencies.

After registration you will have level 1 status. Level 1 status means that you can withdraw coins with a maximum value of 2 bitcoins per day. If you wish to increase your daily withdrawal limit to 100 Bitcoins, you must provide your personal information. The front and back of your identity card and a selfie with your identity card in your hand are required.

No crypto currencies yet?
You cannot deposit FIAT currencies (EUR, CHF) at Binance. Therefore you need crypto currencies, which you can deposit. If you do not yet have any crypto currencies, you have the following options:

complete overview

You can find a complete overview and reviews of stock exchanges at

Exchange Office Bitpanda

A step-by-step guide to the Bitpanda exchange office can be found here.


A step by step guide to Coinbase can be found here.


Buy instructions with PayPal

Deposit crypto currencies at Binance
To make a deposit, click on “Medium” in the Binance menu and on “Deposit” in the drop-down menu. Now you have to choose which coin you want to deposit (Figure 3).

Figure 3
Select the crypto currency you would like to deposit and have the deposit address displayed. You can now deposit your digital currency into these (see Figure 4). In this tutorial I will deposit the digital currency Ether.

Figure 4
Buy on Binance 0x
After your coins have arrived on Binance, you can start buying 0x. To do this, click on the “Exchange” menu item and then select the “Traiding Pair”. 0x you can exchange directly for the following crypto currencies:

If you have not deposited any of the top currencies, you must first exchange your deposited currency for one of the top coins to buy 0x.

To buy 0x now, first enter the desired quantity in “Buy ZRX” (Figure 5). You can set the price per ZRX here. If you do not do this, the market price will be used.

After you have set the quantity and price, you only have to click on “Buy ZRX”. After a few seconds you should receive a confirmation for the purchase. You can find the 0x you just bought in your Binance Online Wallet after shopping.

Buy and sell at Binance 0x (ZRX)

Sell on Binance 0x
To sell 0x on Binance, you must first deposit it at Binance (see Figure 3). As soon as the deposit has been credited, you can sell your coins on the exchange (under “Exchange”) for the offered crypto currencies.

Transfer Wallet for 0x | 0x to your own Wallet
You should always transfer digital currencies to your own wallet. Stock market hacks are not uncommon with crypto currencies. Therefore use your own and secure wallet.

To withdraw 0x, click on “Medium > Withdraw”. Then select your coin, enter your withdrawal address and the desired quantity below and click on “Send”.

0x is an ERC20 token: Wallet for 0x

If you still need help buying 0x (ZRX), leave a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.