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NEO Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The two programmers Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang are decisively involved in the development of the crypto currency. The platform was founded in 2014 under the name AntShares and later renamed NEO. NEO Coins will be closely related to China. The Chinese government invests a lot in the crypto currencies, at the same time it regulates the coins on its own markets. Therefore, it is generally assumed that the Chinese government is involved in the development of the Ne0 crypto currency.

A tweet at the beginning of August, which was soon deleted, reinforced rumours that the developers were working with Chinese financial institutions. This creates a lot of confidence among investors. In addition, NEO also cooperates with major companies such as Microsoft and Alibaba. Alibaba is a group of companies that distributes around 80 percent of e-commerce in China and the rest of Asia. Other cooperation partners are Wings and Bancor. Due to such backing, the forecast for the price of the crypto currency also looks quite promising.

Advantages and disadvantages according to onlinebetrug

Although NEO resembles Ethereum in many respects, the Chinese Coin also developed many onlinebetrug concepts further. To ensure that all transactions within the network are correct, Ethereum uses the common “proof of work”. This does its job, but requires a lot of computing power according to NEO uses the “Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance”, a complicated procedure that still saves a lot more power and is less time-consuming. This system is very scalable, so it does not capitulate to too many transactions that are carried out daily over the network. The ability to detach and reattach its own blockchain from the main blockchain makes the network much more flexible and faster than Ethereum.

Whoever owns coins has tokens that work like a share. Even if you are not interested in taking part in internal decisions, the ownership of the tokens will drop GAS, which in turn can be used for trading. But the profit from this is not particularly great. One disadvantage is that the crypto currency has not yet fully arrived on Western coin exchanges. Also one cannot buy the Coins directly with euro. The fact that the advantages have not yet been fully recognized here could also be a great advantage for buyers; the coins may still be traded below value.

Bitcoin trader – Development – Forecast

The Bitcoin trader crypto market has been established in China for some time. Even if it is regulated by the Chinese government – or precisely because the Chinese government has its hand in the matter – the market is considered relatively secure says onlinebetrug. And the crypto currency has a secure position here. The coins are traded heavily in China and may therefore be less dependent on developments in the western market.

For the coin forecast it is worth taking a look at Ethereum. This is one of the most successful crypto currencies and is highly traded. But now it looks as if NE0 is a further development in almost all areas. Perhaps the potential of the Chinese coin has not yet been fully recognised and the great rise is yet to come. Maybe Smart Contracts have to assert themselves first, so that NEO climbs to the top. So far, the share price and market capitalisation have been a complete success.
Where can you buy the NEO coin?

If you want to buy a NEO coin, you first need a wallet. The wallet is like a digital account where NEO Coins and GAS are stored and transactions can be made. The wallet is also software that can be downloaded for free. If the dividend in the form of GAS is important to you, you should make sure to save the original NEO wallet on your hard drive. The wallet itself must be updated regularly, otherwise transactions are not possible. There are also third-party wallets on which a wide variety of coins can be stored. These are usually only suitable for small amounts that are only stored for a short period of time.

If you own such a wallet, you can contact one of the many crypto exchanges. Anycoindirect, for example, offers you the opportunity to exchange NEO directly for dollars. If you already have other crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, you can exchange them for NE0Coins. This is possible, for example, on bittrex or Coinbase.

The prognosis looks good, because what Ethereum can do, this coin seems to do even better. And yet Ethereum is still ahead. There’s a lot of potential in this crypto currency that the West might have