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Iconomi Coin – Investing in crypto funds

The Iconomi Coin Platform is developing as an investment project. The main goal of the developers is to combine the tools of the aging economy with new innovative solutions that simplify access to financial management and profit.
The platform is developed on the basis of a cryptographic exchange. In 2016, the developers carried out a successful mass and flagship campaign in which they presented a new direction for their development.

The new project is based on the digital asset funds – the Digital Asset Arrays (DAA). Its functionality consists of developing your own strategies for investing and managing various combinations of digital money.

Based on the DAA funds, the Iconomi project divides users into two groups – managers and investors. The first are involved in the creation and management of DAAs. With the right combinations of assets, you will be able to make the best profit.

2845 DAA funds

Investors get to know the projects of such funds and select the most attractive ones for themselves. The ICN system contains a reputation component – the more successful and profitable the manager’s strategy is, the higher his rating and thus the attractiveness for investors.

The purpose of such interaction is to simplify the investment as much as possible. Users who are unfamiliar with digital technologies can also act as depositors – they entrust their funds to more experienced market participants.

Bitcoin ProfitĀ – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The team behind the crypto currency consists of many talented experts in the field of crypto currencies. Among them are Ervin U. Kovac, Head of the Legal Department; Sladana Cevriz, Head of Marketing; Tjasa Tolj, Marketing Assistant; Primoz Kordez, Investment Lead; Urban Jezernik, Doctor of Philosophy and active as consultant and mathematician; Domen Skalar, Infrastructure Safety Engineer; Jan Mohoric, Head of Mobile Applications and Developer; Rok Novosel, developer; Ales Lekse, Chief Developer; Jani Valjavec, Co-Founder, Technology and Trade; Tim M. Zagar, co-founder, transactions and business.

pros and cons
The functionality of the Iconomi Coin platform is based on the free provision of information as one of the basic factors for a successful investment. The following tools are provided to interact with users:

the Index Fund – the accurate provision of information on the digital market at any time in order to be able to react to changes in time;
Performance Fund – Forecasting and determining the most favorable time to invest, the actual provision of an entry point;
Open Fund Management is a set of tools for creating your own DAA funds, a variety of assets offers a wide range of combinations for the highest return.
The project The ORB is based on the simplification of Bitcoin Profit investments in connection with the emergence of new financial instruments. To a certain extent, it provides simplified access for users to those processes whose potential is just beginning to manifest itself.

Experienced platform participants can not only create their own funds, but also invest differentiated investment strategies in existing ones. With this option you can successfully invest your funds and reduce the risk of losses.

Prospects for their investments and the Iconomi crypto currency

The platform is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, which provides additional reliability and attractiveness. The decentralized basis of the network, the reliability of the data storage, the publicity of the actions carried out – all this forms the basis for the development of a quality system for interaction between capital managers and investors.

The potential of the Iconomi Coin was already evident during the ICO, which raised around 6 million dollars. The minimum required for further development was achieved in only 6 days, making the project a promising development with a positive economic coin forecast.